Mercedes C220 CDI 1998 Esprit Customer Review

Mercedes C220 CDI 1998 EspritGood time dear visitors of! That after 6-month operating youngest series of Benz sedans have decided to write a small report.
The most pleasant thing in the operation of this mark – a “view from the window “….. looking forward you will always see her” MERCEDES STERN “-Mercedes star ….. and as if no other automakers have tried but still since 1871 it is the very guiding ….
I am very sorry for all those who are sufficiently Mears, from which the previous hozyaiva squeezed what they could and took off three skins .. Believe me this is not to blame for Mears, and the so-called “man factor.” Benz as a reliable car, so it remains. And for evidence not far to seek. Until recently, until the business owners did not skimp and buy the folksy, Skoda and Avensis, the main representative taksistskoy brethren in Germany was precisely Benz W123-W124-W210-W211.
I am 6 months but then after purchasing any manipulation of my car did not produce than very satisfied, and to be honest with pride.
Stories about yapov, and especially their comparison with the Benz I find it funny .. sorry … especially right-handed about it .. how to save money to buy right-handers in the country, where the drive on the left .. to us they are imported from England .. but only for parts .. they (the machines) are there a penny, as nowhere to go.
Well, with appropriate operating Benz demolition will not happen.
Mercedes C220 CDI 1998 EspritChassis me very poradovala.Hot machine is not very heavy and in complete ESPRIT stiffer (Youth) suspension cobblestone mostavuyu feel more in sound than the vibration. According to the suspension has not changed.
Body is not giant, but I 176/75 is even comfortable. Rear seats are not so many, but everyone buys a car to relieve himself. Me, my wife and one teenage site is enough.
I moved to the Benz from Ford Gelaksi, the difference in size is felt … in the Benz say so comfortable .. all close))) even though those cars was happy just broke down more often ((((
Dviglo I 2.2 CDI diesel that means a rare thing in Russia and are not interesting, I’m very happy with them the opposite. Not eating, and pret))) If broken and will be expensive, I believe .. But we do not buy this car, so every day waiting for something bad ..
Not enough gun. I’m used to it at Gelaksi.
Yeah … forgot to say that we always admired the simplicity of repair, disassembly, assembly models Benz … all carefully and thoughtfully to people who then will it be repaired. I know for fact that he worked in the service. This is not about zlektroniki latest models, but the suspension and bodywork.
And, Lord, do not forget the spare parts … just about the prices … Japan and Germany. The victory awarded to Germany. In brief says youth Benz taxis …. The normal car always comes to us from the Bundes with normal mileage, maintenance and so on.
In short, the Lord will Benz Benz, because we want to possess a car.

About my car Mercedes C220 CDI 1998 Esprit:

Year: 1998
Body Type: Sedan
Transmission: manual
Drive Type: Rear
Body: Sedan
Engine: diesel, 2200 cc, CDI, 125 PH
Tenure: 6 months
Name: Esprit
Exterior Color: Silver Metallic

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