Mercedes C180 Kompressor – Review, Specifications

They say little to hurt bad. Like, for them and so full of problems because of growth, and this evolving complexes. Cars of Mercedes C-class, “Baby Benz”, as they are called immediately after birth, it seems, are ready to offend anyone you want. “Perhaps, with a frostbitten driver I have not had to go … Tighten the car at one hundred and fifty in an almost straight line rotation is not very standard radius … not on the track sites, and on a normal road … Yep-pa! there is also a car in our band … I do not, “Our Father” I am now just before the end of the read did not have time … “These thoughts flashed in my head startled when I vzhavshis to cushion the passenger seat and gripping the door handle, came with partner test drive on the highway. I quite seriously feverishly fingered in the brain that, apart from prayer, can save, if the machine is now roll head over heels.

Mercedes C180 Kompressor

Present to you Mercedes C180 Kompressor.
“So … six airbags, seat belts with pretensioners (I think there is something already clicked), a rigid frame cabin, of course … what else? ABS with such a maneuver, and at this speed will not save, even with a Break Assist … Oh! ESP, of course! Now she will suffocate the engine and temper zeal of riders without a diploma … What, did he turn it off? No, the light bulb В«AusВ» not on what is happening, we are flying? “And the ESP in the rotation and has not worked. More precisely, we did not want to work, do not consider it necessary. Though he felt like strained subside suspension parts, keeping the trajectory of a bend.

About passive safety of Mercedes C180 Kompressor.
Later, changing driving partner, who has not struck me as a driver, a suicide bomber, I began to own careful experiments. 60 km / h, a small “perestroika” – nothing, ESP is silent. 80, the second maneuver – nothing like on rails. 100 … no, here now is simply terrible … Then in an empty and a large heliport, under the supervision of an instructor, I still made the work ESP. The recipe is simple.

More information about ESP of Mercedes C180 Kompressor.

In any institution of the “recreational park” is an electric race track with cars, wrapped in a rubber ring. That they did, on the side to fill up will not work. There, you can forget about the harsh reality in the form of gravity and turn the wheel with the speed that allows hands. If you do so with a Mercedes at speeds below 60 miles per hour, to the frenzied screams of rubber mixed to start tapping the brake hydraulics and pomargivanie “protivozanosnoy” light bulbs.
Of course, you can continue to rave about – disable ESP. Incidentally, a few modern machines, especially of this size, the designers allow such an ugly luxury – shut down the system of exchange rate stabilization. The C-class is permitted. That is now possible and “to twist his back.” But not much. Relaxed, as a partisan after the raid, the instructor warned me: “Strongly do not get carried away, the system something not completely turned off.” In an extremely critical situation (the limit of electronics determines in its sole discretion) ESP still intervenes in the actions of the driver. And then may be even worse: it is one thing to prevent oversteer (which, indeed, need ESP), is quite another – to get out again. Here electronics and the driver can operate in such a disparity that before a fall. Therefore, if the road slippery, mute button is better not to touch.

In fact, it is better to decide whether to dissolve the hands of one or another “Mercedes”. “Tseshki in different bodies differ not only in appearance and color: a sedan, wagon and coupe – each its own character and destiny. For example, just 10 minutes drive to the sedan somewhere no desire vykrutasnichat. Even under the hood and 230-th “compressor” in 190 horses. Do not want to, that’s all. And the dynamics of this car is wonderful, and manageability without question, and only the elasticity of the engine I was just amazed. Long played gears “Steptronic”, trying to figure out where the engine pulls better. Turned out – anywhere, as long as the tachometer needle gets to the red sector.

Mercedes C180 Kompressor

“Youngest” motors Mercedes C180 Kompressor and 200 – on the elasticity behave the same way, but, naturally, inferior to the thrust (by the way, the working volume of these same engines – 1.8 liters, and power built up mainly due to the parameters of the supercharger). However, silenok in any motor is enough to “without tension” accelerate the car to 200. After one such “trip”, just leaving the car, I am very surprised to discover that we have moved on a sedan with a label 180.

Conclusion of our Mercedes C180 Kompressor review.

Quite a different character in the coupe – a real “demolition-provocateur.” Jauntily tilted back of the driver seems to be saying: “There is nothing to look back, you’re nobody to overtake.” In fact, of course, there is someone, but sitting behind the wheel in this hard to believe. In another act steering and suspension. They are not so much tougher, more likely – denser. Feeling as though you are sitting on a stool, a sports car of this does not occur, suspension and patiently and silently swallow holes in the road surface, but want to cling to the steering wheel with both hands and hunt dow

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